Becoming the President

Friday, October 03, 2008


There’s a long tradition in comedy of parodying politicians with their own words, accents and mannerisms. Vaughn Meader made a brief career out of satirizing the Kennedys back in the ’60s and David Frye created the quintessential Nixon. Impressionist Jim Morris talks about the art form.

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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

You know, going over some of McCain's past associations with the assistance of reminders by the Rachel Maddow Show, I am recalling his link to Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church (even less mainstream than Palin’s or Romney’s versions of Christianity), through the World Anti-Communist League I think it is called, and that, combined with his long confinement in Hanoi, makes me wonder why Saturday Night Live hasn’t had Darrell Hammond do a skit based on the Manchurian Candidate.

Have we ever had a candidate whose life so eerily mirrored that storyline?

Oct. 10 2008 03:57 AM

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