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Friday, October 24, 2008


As a veteran analyst, CBS News senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield has seen the advantages and fantastic drawbacks of mis-controlled exit polls. But given election night on-air responsibilities he thinks the 5pm quarantine is a good compromise. He’s looking forward to dancing the line between being poll-informed and spilling secrets.

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chris oconnell from Silicon Valley

Do you want my PayPal account so you can give me money, too? You really seem to be spreading the wealth...

It is true that Jeff may be getting ahead of himself in anointing Obama the next President. Sure many polls look that way right now but it is still relatively close, too close to have certainty.

Oct. 28 2008 02:07 PM
Kathy KLyce from NY,NY

I was listening to your show this morning and heard the report about the Pew poll on the public's perception of media bias toward Obama. I was stunned a minute or two later to hear Jeff Greenfield say the networks would have trouble filling up time on election night because there would be plenty to talk about when we elected the first black president.

Meanwhile I was able to make a donation on Obama's web site with a completely fictitious name--Little Lulu--and address and email address. It's clear we have no idea where Obama's money is coming from. Yet, if you have reported on that, I have missed it. Meanwhile, John Me
cains site rejected my donation using my real name and a real address, except that it is not my billing address. With your help, Obama is stealing the election with God Knows Who's money.

Oct. 25 2008 08:15 AM

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