October 31, 2008

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Show Summary: confessions from the back of the campaign bus; the important political stories that never got told; is photographing your ballot illegal?

Time’s Up

After these many months, the campaign season is finally coming to a close. All of the angles have been explored, all the polls parsed and the candidates thoroughly vetted. Or not. Politico’s Kenneth Vogel rounds up a list of documents that the so-called candidates of change never did ...

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Photo Finish

On election day, whether you pull the lever, touch the screen or punch the card you always pull the curtain. But a number of people this year are advocating you make your vote more public by photographing it and uploading it to the web.

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The Mobilization Equation

Despite the billions spent on elections, there's little research on how effective commercials, phone calls, or door-to-door efforts are at producing votes. Professor Donald Green, who's conducted hundreds of studies over the past decade, found that advertising and robo-calls do very little but that a novel, ...

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Politicizing Copyright

If passed, California’s Proposition 8 would “change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.” Prominently featured in a pro-Prop 8 ad is video of schoolchildren attending the same-sex wedding of their teacher – video originally published by the San Francisco Chronicle. ...

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Pledge You, Pledge Me

The bad news for traditional media is seemingly unending. From The Christian Science Monitor to TIME Inc. to ABC News to Radar magazine. In fact, when Radar folded last week, reporter Ana Marie Cox found herself with credentials to cover the ...

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Confessions from the Trail

As the election comes to a close, many campaign reporters are looking back at their time on the trail. Michael Hastings, who was writing for Newsweek but quit out of disgust with the whole ordeal, explains why he couldn't ...

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Blazing the Trail

In addition to being a chronicler of the renegade biker gang the Hells Angels, a vocal proponent of drug use and an autobiographical magician who turned his own fear and loathing into at least two American classics, Hunter S. Thompson was a campaign correspondent. William McKeen, author of

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