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Friday, October 31, 2008


On election day, whether you pull the lever, touch the screen or punch the card you always pull the curtain. But a number of people this year are advocating you make your vote more public by photographing it and uploading it to the web. David Ardia of Harvard’s Citizen Media Law Project explains why this year your vote should be worth a thousand words.

For more information on recording your vote, please visit:
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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

While I understand the original intent of the secret ballot, or at least the rationale behind it, educated and sophisticated enough voters have realized that the mechanisms of our voting have been verifiably manipulated by voting officials of both major parties for generations so that they are justifiably very suspicious of the current genreations of voting mechanisms.

I suspect that this phase of citizen election surveillance will end only when we can all agree on a secure, uniform national election mechanism. It won't involve purple ink, either.

Nov. 05 2008 02:53 AM
Matt from Arlington, Virginia

Will the afflicted voter also photograph their voter registration, the registrar, complete coverage from car door to ballot cast? Will they be honest about electronic voting machines review your ballot screen before the vote is cast? I doubt it.

Nov. 04 2008 12:44 PM
Jack from Chicago

Exactly Michael. All votes should be by secret ballot, which makes you wonder why unions do not think so.

Nov. 03 2008 05:31 PM
Michael from Boston

This should be illegal!!! The reason we vote in private is so that votes cannot be bought and voters cannot be intimidated into voting for someone they do not really support. This destroys the whole of a secret ballot. The secret ballot was one of the greatest advances in democracy. If I were still an election official, I would not allow people to bring cameras into the voting booth. I'm shocked at your lack of understanding of democratic principles!

Nov. 02 2008 07:57 PM
Ethelyn Honig from New York City

To On The Media

As I listened to you on Nov. 2 ,I had a hard time locating this site when I put in WNYC; On The Media in Google. Your program was interesting and touched on information that needed to be shared before the election happens

Please repeat the telepone call-in number or give complete instructions about how to reach you and whether you are in real time. You say to call 1 877 774 8201. There is no response at that number.

You all talk too fast and do not give a heads up like" get out pencil and paper"before you are going to give contact information. You leave out step by step instructions about how to get to your site. By the time I got here, the program was over. I still do not see " DTW Radio". What is that? A place where we can blog?

PRETEND THEY COME FROM MARS, said my old English teacher about descriptions.

I would have loved to have made a comment about "Video The Vote". Please give complete directions in the future if you want to be interactive.
Thank you.
Ethelyn Honig.

PS. I will send this to listener response as well.

Nov. 02 2008 04:56 PM

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