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Friday, October 31, 2008


In addition to being a chronicler of the renegade biker gang the Hells Angels, a vocal proponent of drug use and an autobiographical magician who turned his own fear and loathing into at least two American classics, Hunter S. Thompson was a campaign correspondent. William McKeen, author of Outlaw Journalist, talks about the original gonzo reporter.

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r from MIA

Kudos on this piece. I read the book and it's pretty great. UF J school is lucky to have you.

Nov. 02 2008 06:15 PM
Scorpio King from Philly PA

Did we get any Gonzo style reporting this cycle? It doesn't seem so.

Last cycle Newsweek gave us a bit AFTER the election with Kerry's "I want MY Goddammed hairbrush Frederick" in the postmortum piece.

PS For some reason after Thompson made the "Nixon's dead, who wants Acid" offer, I figured the "problem" McKeen would next describe would be that some of the bar patrons had accepted and that Hunter was fresh out ;)

Nov. 01 2008 06:52 PM
Stuart Filler from 48009

"thence," not "hence":

In the Nov 1 Hunter S. Thompson interview (William McKeen), interviewer refers to Thompson’s writing “three or four years hence,” meaning three or four years after the Nixon campaign; but it isn’t three or four years from HERE or NOW--“hence”--it’s three or four years from THERE or THEN; i.e. “thence.”


Stuart Filler

Nov. 01 2008 07:57 AM

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