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Friday, November 07, 2008


On Thursday, 20 or so fundraisers, grassroots organizers and political strategists met in Virginia to discuss the future of the conservative movement, soon to be in exile from the federal government. Ross Douthat, senior editor at The Atlantic and author of Grand New Party, says a split is emerging in the center-right mediasphere over what to do next.
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They both are terrible choices the Democrats and their taxes and Republicans in their Fees which really are taxes in disguise
but I still am going to vote and though I am republican I will not be voting for any republican choices this 02 November 2010. Because I know that voting for A Republican this election is voting for the corporate take over of our country. I hope everyone votes on November the second it is very important to stop the corporate take over that WILL OCCUR if Republican take the majority. This is a very crucial election even more so than the 2008 election because now we have a greater threat to demo racy than we the People have ever seen. If the Republican wins they will give the government power over to the Corporation and the they will determine the laws that will govern us. So Please vote but Please DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN. And show them that we refuse to give up the power of the people to rule our own government. This is not a joke the Corporations are playing to win So We The American People from all states need to show them WE ARE BOSS. and no matter how much money they have to buy one of our political parties we have the power and we will come out in force to keep it. THE LORD BE WITH US. Good luck and God bless us one and all.

Oct. 16 2010 09:59 AM

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