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Friday, November 21, 2008


Bloomberg LP has quietly grown from an indispensable financial information provider to a global media company. And according to Seth Mnookin's story in December's Vanity Fair; Bloomberg News has a business model that could weather the economic storm.

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Rodney Jarret

I think that this report was nice and it made alot of since to me and i think that it will help you if you wanna be in the new field as an occupation.

Apr. 28 2011 09:34 PM
Richard Sommer from Austin Texas

If news is driven only by the marketplace. We will have a poverty of ideas. The talented news reporters of history who broke the vitally important stories were not doing market surveys first.

Nov. 25 2008 04:43 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

I was an avid reader of science fiction when I was a kid and Bloomberg terminals scare me as much as anything else predicted by those writers. Is every bit of information going to be evaluated primarily on its potential to make money?

Isn't that how we ended up with poisoned toys and poisoned candy from China, they emulating our own "unsafe at any speed" culture too well?

Truth is too important to simply leave only in the hands of the mercantile!

Nov. 25 2008 01:23 AM
Megan from WNYC Radio

I edited the interview and after double-checking am here to tell you, you heard an edit where there isn't one! That is what Brooke said in the moment, unchanged.
Thanks for listening carefully,

Nov. 24 2008 01:16 PM
Don Merrill

"I think so Seth." An almost un-noticable edit. Why did you need to insert that? The flow of the conversation was fine without it. Did it strike you as impolite, and you thought it would be rude if you didn't give me the impression that you could be more polite? Anyway, good program ovrall. Good program usually.

Nov. 23 2008 02:31 PM

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