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Friday, December 19, 2008

And, finally, the most famous anonymous source in modern history died Thursday. Deep Throat, the garage freak – Mark Felt, if you prefer – will always be remembered for his role in bringing down the Nixon Administration. The Deep Throat depicted by Hal Holbrook in All the President’s Men lurking in the shadows of an underground garage was a cynic who found Nixon’s penchant for secrecy, spying and strong-arming contemptible. But Felt wasn't Deep Throat. Sure, he was Bob Woodward’s source, and sometimes they met in a garage, but he wasn't a cynic. He was an FBI guy.

In his memoir, A G-Man’s Life, he writes of having been denounced when the Nixon Administration came in as being too much the Hooverite, overly attached to Hoover’s leadership style, his secrecy, spying and strong-arming. But Felt said Hoover used those tactics to protect the FBI’s good name, while Nixon wanted to turn the agency into a political tool.

Mark Felt was instrumental in bringing down a criminal presidency, but he was no standard-bearer for transparency. He was fine with Nixon’s methods. He just didn't want Nixon to use them.
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