December 26, 2008

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Friday, December 26, 2008

War Crimes

In just the last two years over 6,800 people have been killed. 24 journalists have been murdered and 7 have vanished. This isn’t Iraq, but Mexico’s war on drugs - and the scale and severity of the violence is escalating. Vicente Calderon is a longtime ...

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Porn's Fine Lines

If no children were harmed in the making, is it still kiddie porn? Cartoon defender Charles Brownstein says it's a danger to artistic freedom to criminalize lines on paper, but child-safety advocate Mary Leary says allowing explicit drawings of children presents a threat to the safety of real-life kids.

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A Few Regrets

Craig Silverman, editor of the website (now a book)Regret the Error, joins us every December to catalogue journalism’s most egregious blunders of the past twelve months, some accidental some not. Guess what one newspaper misspelled on its front page.

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Brooke and Bob read a few of your letters.


The Art of Diagnosis

Does very severe PMS constitute a mental disorder? That's one of many questions facing psychiatrists as they work to revise the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM, the definitive compendium of our psychic maladies. Because the DSM influences not just doctors and ...

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