War Crimes

Friday, December 26, 2008


In just the last two years over 6,800 people have been killed. 24 journalists have been murdered and 7 have vanished. This isn’t Iraq, but Mexico’s war on drugs - and the scale and severity of the violence is escalating. Vicente Calderon is a longtime Tijuana journalist and Amy Isackson is a longtime San Diego reporter, they’re collaborating on an ongoing series that seeks to bring home the war happening in our backyard.
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Chris Gray from New Haven

Replace "much" with "must", please. Spell check doesn't correct that kind of error.

By the way, I remember a Zen based superhero comic character in the '70s whose motto and mantra was wonderful. "I can. I must. I will!"

Dec. 28 2008 04:49 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven

Your interviewees made clear that the guns fuelling these violence sprees are American, just as the guns in our cities (like New Haven) are American and that is where I keep insisting we much start.

Screw the drugs (even the ones flooding our streets from body bags in Afghanistan)! We need a war on illicit gins. This is NOT an assault on the 2nd amendment. I am talking about guns that should not be on our, or Mexico's or Afghanistan's streets (or rude footpaths) in the hands of (mostly) men who should not have access to them.

At one point, I started a cartoon series called "The History of Guns in America" with a quick line drawing of a snooty looking Englishman saying, "Interchangeable parts is a clever idea, but it will never replace pride in workmanship!" I sometimes curse Eli Whitney as the worst of New Haven's hometown heroes.

Dec. 28 2008 04:40 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven

Our local stations keep moving your program all over their weekend schedules (holiday specials and subject matter might have something to do with that this week), but I am persistent, so I only missed a few minutes of this excellent interview by Bob.

It is incredibly disturbing to be faced with these voices from a war that has been being waged far longer and with more cumulative American resources (both licit government and illicit citizen ones) than Iraq, Afghanistan and the earlier one to "free" Kuwait from Saddam's aggression.

Just the other evening, I sat in my nursing home bed being reminded of our earlier conflict in Vietnam and the drug connection there, where the documentarians euphemistically referred to the CIA shipping heroin back to the US in body bags (leaving out the unpleasant fact that there were, in fact, still bodies in whose cavities the heroin was secreted) all to support the drug overlords in Thailand, who were our "allies” against the Communists.

Dec. 28 2008 04:39 PM

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