January 2, 2009

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Show Summary: A rebroadcast of OTM in China: Pre-Olympic preparations to sell China to the world; the art of Chinese journalism; and a talk with the young urban elite.

Brand China

Last summer, as the Olympics approached, China was making the final preparations for the PR push of the century, pitching brand China to the world. Meanwhile, young urban Chinese were sorting out new identities and advertisers everywhere were revving their engines, preparing to sell to the fastest growing consumer market ...

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Journalism With Chinese Characteristics

There is real investigative reporting in China, it’s just not done under a free press flag. Instead, practitioners mind an unstated set of rules, keeping themselves safe by employing tactics like using excessive jargon and exploiting government rivalries. It's an evolving dance requiring ingenuity, subtlety, courage and a willingness to ...

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China Vision

How the world sees China, and how China thinks it is seen by the world may make all the difference as time marches on. The West cannot afford to hold on to kung fu, Confucius, and chopsticks as our big ideas about China. Modern art, fashion, and the young urban ...

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