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Friday, January 02, 2009


Last summer, as the Olympics approached, China was making the final preparations for the PR push of the century, pitching brand China to the world. Meanwhile, young urban Chinese were sorting out new identities and advertisers everywhere were revving their engines, preparing to sell to the fastest growing consumer market in the world. OTM visited China last spring and returned with these stories which originally aired in June.

On the Media in China was made possible by a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation.

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Chris Gray from New Haven

Young Chinese must be experiencing some of the same or similar family and cultural tensions in the fast changing world that we all are sharing now. Sooner or later, some of them will begin again discussing the third forbidden "T",
Tiannenmen Square. It is sort of hard to avoid sitting, as it does, in the heart of Beijing.

Let us hope they have the luck we seem to have had in finding a healer such as our President-elect.

Jan. 04 2009 04:22 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven

It is interesting to me that Brooke brought up the concept of a generational shift being traditionally viewed as twenty years, a perfectly reasonable consideration. However, having been born in 1950 and having an eldest brother exactly ten years and three days older, I can attest to a shift that is less generational than cultural - which seems to be more like what these young Chinese are experiencing.

Don was newly in charge of the Branford Armory when, in 1970, he was ordered to bring his armored personnel carriers (people mistook them for tanks, as did the person who wrote the book flap for Paul Bass' & Doug Rae's "Murder in the Model City: The Black Panthers, Yale, and the Redemption of a Killer") on May Day that year, when the government feared mass violence over the Bobby Seale/Erica Huggins Trial.

I chose (as previously reported here) not to join my firebrand friends from Boston at that protest to avoid inflaming the situation with a family conflict. I had correctly guessed what Don's role would be.

Still, judging from the friends I then kept (supporters of the Weather Underground, some of whom I met in their digs), two brothers could not have had more different worldviews if they had been in the first Civil War. Three days later there were four dead students in Ohio from National Guard bullets.

Jan. 04 2009 04:20 PM

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