January 9, 2009

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Covering the Israeli offensive in Gaza; a paradigm shift in how we use the internet; 150 years of The New York Times

The New Israeli Barrier

In what the Foreign Press Association has called an “unprecedented restriction of press freedom,” the Israeli military has barred foreign correspondents from entering the Gaza Strip and thereby covering the war close-up. New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner says that in order to understand the current ...

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Al Jazeera’s Exclusive

The Palestinian point of view has long been a staple of Al Jazeera English’s coverage, as with its larger, Arabic-language parent. But there’s a wrinkle this time around. As one of the few news organizations inside of Gaza, AJE’s reporting is a major source of information for the ...

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Dr. Gupta Goes to Washington

News broke this week that CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is Obama’s pick for Surgeon General, leading to questions about whether a journalist is ready for that role. It's not the first time the position has made headlines. Professor and former Assistant Surgeon General Dr. Fitzhugh ...

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Almost Blu

A year ago at the Consumer Electronics Show, Blu-ray was taking its victory lap as the winner of the hi-def home movie format war. But in the intervening year skeptics have argued that downloading and streaming movies may prematurely end Blu-ray’s reign. Home Theater Magazine editor

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Cloud Atlas

Once, your computer was a box you loaded with stuff that you had to buy and maintain. Increasingly, your computer is a doorway that simply gives you access to a wealth of free services, software and storage on the web – what’s known as ‘cloud computing.’ Nicholas Carr, ...

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I-Smell a Flop

Each year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the world's newest, most innovative gadgets are unveiled. Some change consumer electronics forever. Others ... not so much. C-Net's Maggie Reardon gave us a quick summary of some of this year's potential flops. Could it be

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The Evolution of A1

This week the New York Times attempted to address its sharply declining revenue by introducing an occasional advertisement at the bottom of A1, the latest blip in the evolution of the front page. Times reporter James Barron contributed to the book The ...

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The News Then and Now

It took about 20 years in the 1600's for the modern newspaper to come into being. An exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library in D.C. traces the birth of the form. Bob pays the exhibit a visit to observe how much has changed with news in the past ...

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