March 27, 2009

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Obama Administration hard-sells its economic policy and a journalist blogs the stimulus bill. Plus the war on "War on.." and the coming digitization of all the world's books.

Stim Sell

Last time the Obama Administration pitched its plan for economic recovery, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was ridiculed for his lack of details and shaky performance. This week, Geithner was mostly hidden from the cameras and Obama did the selling. Political reporter Peter Nicholas says ...

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War Is Over, If You Want It

With no armistice, surrender or fanfare a war may have quietly come to an end this week. The 'War on Terror' is being replaced rhetorically by the Pentagon and the president with 'Overseas Contingency Operation.' Political Communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson looks back at our most ...

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Viva Journalismo

Newly elected Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes is not your typical politico; after all, he made a name for himself as a war reporter and television journalist. Writer Roger Atwood says that it was Funes’ media experience that gave him the edge.


The Long Arm of the Law

Last Tuesday a British student logged onto a message board and announced that he was going to burn down his school. Fifty minutes later he was arrested with a gas can and a knife after another member of the message board, on the other side of the world, ...

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The Witnesses That Didn't

Forty-five years ago, Kitty Genovese was murdered in Queens and, as the story goes, 38 witnesses watched the assault for half an hour but no one intervened. Historian Joseph De May says the truth is a bit more complicated.

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The Infinite Shelf

With Google having settled its copyright suit with authors and publishers, the company is now poised to be a modern Library of Alexandria with full texts of millions of titles online. Robert Darnton, director of the Harvard University Library, loves the access but wonders at what ...

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Blogging the Stimulus

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a.k.a. the Stimulus bill, passed last month in a firestorm of debate, but how many people have actually sat down to read the whole thing? The New Yorker's Steve Coll is doing just that, and blogging along the way.

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Gimme that Online Religion

For booksellers, hotel guests, and the faithful, one book remains a mainstay – The Bible. But despite the book’s unending popularity, for many it remains a daunting read. Enter Slate columnist David Plotz, who decided to scour the Good Book cover-to-cover, and blog about it for the unschooled ...

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