November 15, 2002

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Friday, November 15, 2002


Books for the troops, England's new Harry Potter do you visit places that don't exist?

King of Cable

Cable television history was made this week, when the Federal Communications Commission allowed for a series of license transfers that complete the merger of cable giants Comcast and AT&T. The new company, to be called AT&T Comcast, will control nearly 30% of all cable service nationwide. Bob speaks with Ken ...


Election Information: Ads vs. News?

Pummeled by political ads and starved for campaign coverage? You’re not alone. A recent study issued by the Norman Lear Center says local news viewers saw four paid political advertising spots for every one election news story this year. Brooke speaks with Paul Taylor of the Alliance for Better Campaigns ...


Books for the Brave

During WWII, the US Army Library Service initiated the largest book giveaway ever: 123 million Armed Services Edition books were sent to American troops stationed all around the world. Author and archivist Andrew Carroll has revived the book giveaway. Carroll joins Bob to discuss the resurrected program.


Sorting the Past

As scholars research the institutions penetrated by, and affiliated with the Nazis during WWII, the number of present-day companies with historical SS affiliations rises. Perhaps one of the biggest to date is Bertelsmann, the German publishing house. Brooke speaks with Mark Landler of the New York Times, who covered the ...


Anti-Nazi Fighter

In his new book, co-author David Wyman posits that early warnings against the Nazi regime were rebuffed and ignored by Americans. "A Race Against Death: Bergson, America and the Holocaust" discusses the efforts of Peter Bergson, who left Palestine for America with the goal of enlisting a Jewish army to ...


The Sims

The video game series of simulated reality known as The Sims does more than construct digitized worlds where humans can play god. The games also create a community of obsessed players who flock to online message boards to trade tips and philosophize on the realities and dilemmas of Sim-society. OTM’s ...


Tabloid Wars

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, has been in the spotlight lately. Last year, he was arrested and charged with stealing from the Princess’s estate, but was exonerated after garnering the support Prince Charles and the Queen herself. But before the exoneration, came trial by media—and not just any media, ...



Poking fun of British celebrities: aye or nay? Bob and Brooke read your letters.


"I Wanna See Harry Potter…in England!"

Through the magic of the huge movie opening this weekend, everyone’s favorite boy wizard is coming to a theatre near you. But seeing Harry Potter on the big screen still isn’t close enough for everyone. The Harry Potter tour in England takes the most devoted of fans to the locations ...


Potter Fans on This Side of the Pond

While the Harry Potter tour may not be so accessible for young fans in the States, studios have found other ways to satisfy American fans who want more than the celluloid experience. OTM special correspondent Frank Brindle reports.


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