November 8, 2002

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Friday, November 08, 2002


Elections, Independent films, and celebrities (or the lack thereof) from across the pond.

Mike's Election Roundup

In the wake of the notorious exit-poll fiascoes of the 2000 election, news organizations this time around vowed to eschew old methods of gathering results. Last week, the detailed demographic breakdown of voting results were replaced by old fashioned, broad analysis of voter will. Producer-at-large Mike Pesca speaks with host ...


Gadfly By Trade

The White House pool report is a brief synopsis of events, written by a designated reporter, to be used by the press corps. Whereas the pool report used to be circulated strictly among pool reporters, now the reports are circulated widely in email to just about anyone who wants it—journalist ...


Man on the Street

The Chicago Housing Authority is tearing down fifty residential high-rises, an act that, to some, symbolizes 40 years of policy failures. The buildings will be replaced by low-rise mixed-income developments. Documenting this process of literally tearing down a community is difficult for most journalists, who are considered outsiders in these ...



On the Media's coverage of coverage, army video games, esprit de corps…Bob and Brooke share what listeners have to say.


(Not) Coming to a Theater Near You!

Independent filmmakers: optimistic or short-changed? Bob speaks with the Burton sisters-- producers from the new independent film "Manna from Heaven"-and Harry Shearer-writer and director of independent flick "The Teddy Bear's Picnic"-about their ideas on how independent films will sink or swim when faced with the ever-present challenge of distribution.


The Kids Are Alright

The Federal Communications Commission generally doesn't put restrictions on how much time advertisements can take up-except when it comes to children's programming. But some parents still don't think those restrictions are enough. Now they want to ban all television advertising to children under the age of 12. On the Media's ...


Tobacco Ads; Smoked

A different kind of advertising ban campaign is rolling across Europe-this time, it's targeted at the tobacco industry. The specific terms of Britain's Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill have not been worked out yet, but it looks like tobacco advertising will be banned in Britain by the end of the ...


British Celebs

For a country that produced Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Princess Diana and the Beatles, the current celebrity drought is an embarrassment and a heart break. Bob crosses an ocean to get some answers.


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