October 4, 2002

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Friday, October 04, 2002


A new paper- specially for the executive branch- and Gandhi as salesperson.

ABC Truth Squad

For 20 years, news organizations have increasingly acted as election-campaign truth squads. Now, to combat such guerrilla tactics, ABCnews.com is deputizing the electorate, asking readers and viewers to keep their eyes open for campaign excesses. Bob talks to Mark Halperin, head of the political unit of ABC News.


Federal Paper

Of all the niche publications out there, it seems there never has been one designated explicitly and exclusively for the executive branch, until now. The new Federal Paper newspaper promises to "break new ground by providing behind-the-scenes, insider news about the people, politics, and business of the Executive Branch." Brooke ...


China Google

Censorship has been a part of Internet life in China since the nation moved into cyberspace. But despite some restrictions, Chinese Internet users were outraged when the search engine Google was completely blocked in early September, and then only partially restored later. Brooke speaks with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain, ...


Organs on the Net

Nowadays, it seems like you can buy just about anything on the Internet…books, CDs, clothes. But if you take a closer look at what you can pick up on the Internet, you’ll quickly find that the market has far superceded what most would expect. Bob interviews Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes about ...


Narration Ltd.

Advertising-consultants-turned-authors Adam Lury and Simon Gibson have just launched a fiction writing company which promises to produce a popular novel on a theme of your choice. Brooke speaks with Lury and Gibson about "Narration Ltd."


Matic and B92

In the decade of Slobadon Milosevic’s bloody reign over Yugoslavia, the most penetrating voice of democracy in Serbia was a youth radio station. Bob went to Belgrade and spoke with Veran Matic, B92’s founder and chief executive, about how B92 stands apart once again—this time, in its coverage of Serbian ...


Viral Marketing

There was a time when 30-second TV spots could really move the dial for consumers. But anyone in advertising today will tell you that the cost of making a TV spot is going up, while the instances of people buying things based on TV spots seems to be going down. ...



And, if bar-leaning is the marketing technique of the future, we wonder if it’s caught on with CMG Worldwide, the licensing firm entrusted by the Estate of Mohandas Gandhi to market his image. Gandhi moved the world -- but can he move merchandise?


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