September 27, 2002

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Friday, September 27, 2002


A history of the jukebox, and a deeper look at the word "Homeland".

World Press

Bush Administration officials have suggested that America’s cool relationship with some of its erstwhile allies has been warming in recent weeks. Brooke asks Bill Falk, editor-in-chief of The Week, what the international media are saying on the subject.



"Homeland" is a new word to most Americans, introduced to us in the post-9/11 months. It’s probably invoked a hundred times a day inside the beltway, and yet despite very real fears of external and internal terrorist attacks, it still has no currency on the American Street. As part of ...


Google News

Google is one of America’s most popular Internet search engines, but now, with the creation of Google News, the website is also poised to be one of America’s most widely-used news sites. What makes this Internet news different from the rest? Google uses robots, rather than reporters, to get news-junkies ...


Media Metrix

The convergence of television and the Internet was forecast almost from the moment the net was born. But comScore Media Metrix, a company that tallies web usage, found that three-quarters of people who are on the computer while watching TV, are doing things unrelated to the show they’re watching. Two ...


Black Press

Once regarded as the voice of a stifled people, the nation’s 200-plus black newspapers now suffer from a steadily declining readership, fewer advertising dollars, stiff competition, and even a generational divide. What is the future of the black press? On the Media’s Phillip Martin reports.


Letters and Updates

Time to hear what OTM’s listeners have to say – Brooke reads some of your letters.


Music Testing

In the age of uber-pop, the science behind music programming is more precise than ever. Most commercial music stations test each and every song in the laboratory of public opinion research. For listeners hoping these tests will mean longer play lists and less repetition -- the news isn't too good. ...



Did you know that the jukebox has been around for over 80 years? And that at one point they numbered close to a million around the country? On the Media’s Rex Doane takes a look at jukeboxes.


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