September 6, 2002

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Friday, September 06, 2002


A discussion about news coverage of 9/11 with the families of some of those who died in the attacks, and selling brand U.S.A.

9/11: How Did We Do?

Journalists initially got high marks from the public for bringing the country together while covering the World Trade Center attacks. Reporters eventually lost some of that respect when they began taking their focus off the war on terrorism … or was it when they began asking the hard questions? Host ...


World Press Since 9/11

How did newspapers around the world react to the events in America this past year? Host Bob Garfield asks Alice Chasan, editor of World Press Review.


The Families

The families of those who died on Sept. 11 have received and watched a lot of 9/11 coverage this year. OTM’s Marianne McCune talks with three relatives of Sept. 11 victims about their relationship with the news.


Press Freedom

The balance between an unfettered press and national security is an ongoing debate in government that has swung toward the side of national security since the World Trade Center attacks. Brooke hears both sides from Scott Armstrong of the National Security Archive and Barbara Comstock of the Justice Department.


Brand U.S.A.

America’s battle for hearts and minds overseas so far has included a radio station mixing Arabic pop, Britney Spears, and pro-U.S. news, appearances by top administration officials on Al Jazeera, and even a personal plea for peace from Muhammad Ali. Bob discusses selling Brand America with Sam Hill, president of ...


Donald Rumsfeld, Media Superstar

In the weeks after the attacks, the Secretary of Defense emerged to capture the hearts of the public – and media. OTM Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca dissects his techniques, examines his fan base, and hears from media types frustrated that charm has trumped information.


Cultural Changes

The world had changed forever. True enough, but talk soon after Sept. 11 of the death of irony and a new gravity in American consciousness were shortsighted at best. Bob surveys the changes in the cultural landscape this past year.


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