August 16, 2002

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Friday, August 16, 2002


Does the FBI ever intentionally tip off the press to help a case? Plus a look at the new kid on the block in television ratings.

Sweating Suspects

F.B.I. officials are still wiping egg off their faces for prematurely dubbing Richard Jewell and Wen Ho Lee suspects. But does the bureau ever intentionally tip off the press to help a case? Host Brooke Gladstone examines the F.B.I. anthrax investigation and the case of Dr. Steven Hatfill.


Most Wanted TIPS

Volunteers for the still budding Operation TIPS aren’t contributing to the Justice Department’s war on terrorism quite yet. In fact, one volunteer - a.k.a. freelance journalist Dave Lindorff - says he was directed to FOX TV’s America’s Most Wanted when he called in to report his tips. Lindorff tells all ...


Everything You Know is Wrong

What aren’t the media telling you? Russ Kick, founder of the website Disinformation, is here to fill you in. As he tells Brooke, Kick reports on the stories he thinks people would find incredibly newsworthy, but go relatively unnoticed in the mainstream press.


Online Buddies Hawking Products

It was only a matter of time before advertisers figured out how to take advantage of the newest form of communication: online instant messenging. Digital “buddies” are popping up all over the web, programmed to strike up chats with human users to promote anything from movies and magazines to toys ...


eBay eVidence

Users of the online auction site eBay have posted for sale just about every tangible item known to man: 8-tracks, lint, ad space on a man’s shaved head. The treasure trove of retail is also a treasure trove of evidence for some lawyers. Attorney Mark Lanier tells Bob about the ...


Business Ethics magazine

Publishing a magazine called Business Ethics is not the most profitable venture amidst the din of recent corporate scandals. So it’s no surprise that founder Marjorie Kelly is converting the glossy into a non-profit. Bob talks to Kelly about the state of business ethics - both the morals and the ...


People Meters

There’s a new kid on the block in the field of measuring radio and TV audiences. Neilsen, once the only player in town, may have met its match: Arbitron claims its People Meter is more accurate and easier to use. Bob asks Broadcasting and Cable’s Dan Trigoboff why the industry ...


TV Blueprints

One man has turned a life-long addiction to television into an art form. His meticulous blueprints of TV character's homes have struck a nerve in the pop art community. Brooke checks out the fantasy architecture of Mark Bennett.


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