August 2, 2002

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Friday, August 02, 2002


The Bush Administration rethinks it's image abroad, and The Thing receives a message from his mother.

Rethinking the Hearts and Minds Campaign

There is a renewed interest in how the rest of the world perceives the U.S. of A. on Capitol Hill. The Bush Administration is creating a new Office of Global Communications to oversee its image overseas, and Congress is looking to pump more money into public diplomacy. Host Bob Garfield ...


Iraqi Media

Any American who reads their local paper knows that the U.S. is not keeping plans to invade Iraq a secret. But the Iraqi press is staying mum on the subject, preferring to tell Iraqis the latest proclamation by Saddam Hussein. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to freelance journalist Asla Aydintasbas about ...


Toppling Mega Media CEOs

The recent floundering of the world's media giants has resulted in the ousting of many top executives. Included in the carnage are high profile former executives like Jean-Marie Messier of Vivendi and Bob Pittman of AOL Time Warner. Brooke talks to New Yorker financial columnist James Surowiecki about the future ...


Commercials on Sept. 11, 2002

Nearly all media outlets will feature special coverage on the one-year anniversary of last fall's terrorist attacks. One headache for the networks, though, is what to do about advertising. And what companies would want to peddle their products on such a day? TV Guide's Max Robins joins Brooke to discuss ...



Legend has it that Philo T. Farnsworth had the idea for television, with its alternating lines of resolution, while plowing the rows of a potato field. Though Farnsworth mastered technology, he was not a master of public relations, and his legacy has been overshadowed by the more publicity-adept David Sarnoff. ...


Wrestling Down for the Count

Compared to his failed XFL football league, Vince McMahon’s wrestling league is flourishing. But compared to what it used to be, World Wrestling Entertainment is struggling big time. WWE is rapidly losing viewers for Smackdown! and Monday Night Raw, shows that once drew big ratings in primetime. Bob talks to ...


The Jewish Thing

A recent revelation has shocked the super-hero community: the Thing - that gargantuan orange creature made of rock that is one of Marvel Comic’s Fantastic Four - is Jewish. To some, the move is a cultural commentary on religious parity. To others, it is just another impulsive plot twist. Brooke ...


The Thing’s Jewish Mother

The Thing has to deal with the powers and problems that come with being a mutated rock, but that hasn't stopped Mom from worrying about her little Ben, even from beyond the grave.


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