July 19, 2002

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Friday, July 19, 2002


A leaky administration, China's very own Harry Potter, and how to REALLY make a movie pitch.

Rummy to Staff: Stop Leaking!

Lately there have been cracks in the Bush administration’s ironclad anti-leaking policy. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent a memo to his staff this week reemphasizing the administration’s distaste for leaks to the press. Host Bob Garfield talks to National Security Archive founder Scott Armstrong.


Reporter Detained

The State Department does not allow classified documents to leave its building. So when a reporter from the National Review said he was holding a classified memo during a press conference, security blocked the exits to make sure he would not get away, despite the fact that its contents were ...


British Digital Radio

For all the talk of a “cool Britannia,” England still prides itself on the relics of past glory - double decker busses, beefeaters, and the monarchy itself. It would stand to reason then, that digital radio would be a particularly hard sell. Still, the technology is being aggressively pushed, high ...


Record Industry Sues YOU

Record companies hate Internet file-sharing services like Napster. But since they have had little success stopping the free flow of music files by attacking servers one by one, now they want to go after individual users one by one. With a million times as many users as providers, it seems ...


China’s Own Harry Potter

Little kids and aging teenagers have been impatiently waiting this year for J.K. Rowling to finish the next book in her wildly popular Harry Potter series. Sensing a void to fill, a Chinese author has done quite well selling his own version of Harry Potter’s teenage years. Copyright infringement? Not ...


The Press and the Prez

Attribute it to a war on terrorism or an extended honeymoon with the press, but President Bush still squirms on the rare occasion he's actually in the hot seat during interviews -- like when answering questions about his days directing Harken Energy. Bob talks to Towson University political science professor ...


Limiting Access

White House reporters are seeing less and less of the man they are assigned to cover these days. A new Bush administration policy is limiting the access reporters - even pool reporters - have to the head honcho. Bob talks to Bob Deans, White House correspondent for Cox News Service.


Here’s the Pitch....

Everyone has a sense of what it takes to pitch a movie to a studio executive: talk fast, compare it to two earlier blockbusters, and, if at all possible, think sequel. But that’s just the 9/10ths of it. In a groundbreaking report - think Watergate meets Tailwind - OTM’s Rex ...


Celebrity Reality Shows You’ll Never See

Ozzy Osbourne’s success as a reality TV dad spawned a legion of celebrity reality shows this upcoming season. But there is only so much primetime real estate; not every celeb can get their daily routine edited for dramatic effect. OTM provides a glimpse of the lives of all those left ...


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