June 28, 2002

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Friday, June 28, 2002


How the Arab press is reacting to President Bush's ideas for change in Middle East policy, and the kerfuffle being caused by a "hip" depiction of the Thai king.

Arab Reaction to Bush Speech

President Bush’s speech outlining the administration’s shift in Middle East policy drew big headlines across the world this week. And in the Arab press, Bush’s decision to call for the ousting of Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat drew the biggest reactions. Host Bob Garfield talks to Alice Chasan, editor of ...


Internet Radio Royalties

When a song plays on the radio, the artists who recorded it may get a whole lot of exposure, but they don’t get any royalty payments. But according to a decision in Washington this week, when a song plays on Internet radio, the artists get 70 cents for every thousand ...



Brooke and Bob read listener responses to previous shows.


Falacci Book Condemned

Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci has penned a controversial new book condemning fanatical Muslims and, as some read it, Islam in general. Citing anti-racist laws, groups in France and Switzerland are suing the publishers to take it off the shelves. Brooke talks to Agnes Horriere, legal advisor to the Movement Against ...


‘Kerfuffle’ Befuddles

Can you define ‘kerfuffle’? Neither could we, until the word caused a kerfuffle at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. A reporter used the word in an article, and some readers balked at seeing such an obscure word in their paper. Whatever happened to eschewing obfuscation? Bob talks to journalism writing coach Jim ...


Left Behind

A new book in the Left Behind series is due out July 2nd. Based on a vision of the end of the world as detailed in Revelations, the novels have sold surprisingly well - with a little help from the press - and not just in Christian bookstores. Why the ...


Marketing Anxiety

It’s easy to market drugs for common diseases, but what about drugs for diseases that no one has? That’s when drug companies drum up hidden epidemics to convince the public that we all need their little pills twice a day. So argues Brendan Koerner about the marketing strategy behind Paxil ...


Thai King Hipster?

Not everyone is interested in what they would look like with a stylish makeover. Take King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand: when a Philadelphia restaurant posted an ad featuring a trendier-than-usual Thai king, the nation’s consulate threatened to sever ties with America. Restaurant manager Sherry Levin tells Bob about the little ...


Babes in Battle

Ten years ago, a female naval officer revealed to the media the ongoing sexual harassment and discrimination that went on during her time in the Navy. The Tailhook Scandal, as it became known, was a defining moment for how the press depicts women serving the country in the armed forces. ...


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