June 14, 2002

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Friday, June 14, 2002


Brooke is away, and that means that it's sports city this week on On the Media.

Missing Children

Hundreds of children are kidnapped each year, but only a select few receive attention from the national media - like last week’s disappearance of a Utah teen. Though any media exposure to child abduction is good, why are some missing kids poster children while others go barely mentioned? Host Bob ...


Apocalyptic Omission

There’s been a lot of press lately about the pro-Israel coalition between Jewish groups and evangelical Christians. Not mentioned in this coverage, however, is one key reason that these Christians are supportive: Jewish presence in Israel is a precondition for the Second Coming. Host Mike Pesca explores the missing religious ...


ESPN’s Email Policy

ESPN radio recently fired four staffers after searching the company email database and finding offensive material in their outboxes. That’s right, the network that brought you an un-bleeped Bobby Knight is clamping down on the vulgarity in its newsroom. Bob talks to Denis Horgan, Jr., canned after 10 years as ...


Bhutan Wired

The isolated nation of Bhutan’s location high atop the Himalayas has made it nearly impenetrable by the outside world. Now as a testament to the far reaches of globalization, even this serene country has cable television, allowing Buddhist monks to watch Bugs Bunny and The Sopranos with the rest of ...


The Internet in Ghana

The Internet is many things to many people. In West Africa, country officials see the web as a chance to spark the economy and keep Africans in their country. Talk show host and journalist Christopher Lydon travels through Ghana to find out how its citizens use the Internet.



When Boris Yeltsin became president of Russia in 1991, one of the first things he did was declare the media a KGB-free zone. More than a decade later, former KGB official Alexander Zdanovich has been appointed to one of the top posts at the state-owned RTR television station. Bob talks ...


The Baseball (Player) is Juiced

The Brewers beat the Twins 19 injections to 15 last night. Just kidding, of course; the Brewers lost. But steroid use is now the big issue in baseball after an article claiming half the players shoot up to gain muscle mass. Even former slugger Jose Canseco says he’s writing a ...


NBA Funk

Despite a lackluster finals, TV ratings were up overall for pro basketball this season for the first time since Michael Jordan retired. Much of this success may be coming from the NBA’s marketing plan this year to revisit the days of the ABA in the ‘70s - afros, dunks, 3-pointers, ...


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