June 8, 2002

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Saturday, June 08, 2002


How the ambiguities of the Koran are being used to further political agendas, and the public image of the CIA.

CIA Leaks

Stories leaked to journalists by unattributed sources have dominated the front page in the past few weeks. In fact, almost all that the press is printing about the inability of the FBI and CIA to detect potential terrorists prior to Sept. 11 have come from leaks. But knowing who leaked ...


Bush’s Secrecy

The Bush Administration established a no-leak, keep-‘em-guessing policy early in its tenure. Staying leak-free, they argued, was the best way to handle the media. But what about the argument made by many important political figures that “secrecy is for losers”? Host Brooke Gladstone talks to John Dean, former Counsel to ...


Arabic Words

In the wake of 911 use of words like jihad and crusade, often loaded, have sparked heavy criticism, even protest, in America. In the Islamic world, the linguistic ambiguities of the Koran, and Arabic, in general, are being exploited in an attempt to reconcile religious and political agendas. Bob talks ...


Egyptian Hero to the Press

Saad Eddin Ibrahim heads the Cairo Center for Democratic Studio in Egypt. Rarely does an obscure academic in an Arab country garner so much glowing attention from the media. But Ibrahim’s strong stances against his government’s policies have made him a hero in the eyes of more than one journalist. ...



Brooke and Bob read viewer responses to previous shows.


Heckler Suit

Boo-ers beware: heckling the president is a criminal offense. Thomas Markovich learned this after he was arrested in 1998 for cursing in the general direction of George W. Bush. The highest appeals court in Texas just ruled that the state’s anti-heckling statute is, indeed, constitutional. Bob talks to Ken Oden, ...


Clear Channel Memo

Employees at the media giant Clear Channel are being encouraged by their boss to donate money to the company’s political action committee. The request is almost unprecedented among companies in the news business, and for good reason: lobbying and impartial news gathering simply don’t mix. Brooke chats with TV Guide ...


Measuring Pundits’ Partisanship

OTM gets emails week after week telling us we need to do a story on the popularity of weblogs. And we’ve consistently - and politely - ignored this advice…until now. Weblog LyingInPonds.com applies computational analysis to rank the partisanship of columnists at three major newspapers. Bob gets the stats from ...


CIA Image

Americans’ opinions of the CIA’s actions range from ruthless to incompetent. The best way to fight such an image is, of course, in Hollywood. That’s why scores of CIA-approved movies and TV shows have popped up since the mid-90s. Brooke talks to former CIA case officer Robert Baer about the ...


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