May 25, 2002

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Saturday, May 25, 2002


The media onslaught involving President Bush's alleged prior knowledge, a look at the state of the free press in Zimbabwe, and the disappearance of instrumental rock.

“Bush Knew”

In the recent inquiry to determine whether the Bush administration might have known enough to prevent Sept. 11, one big piece of evidence is a 1999 report warning that al-Qaida could crash hijacked planes into the Pentagon. Sure, it took journalists more than six months after the attacks to unearth ...



Zimbabwe’s independent media have always been a big target of President Robert Mugabe. But since his re-election, a string of restrictions issued by the government - including potential jail time - has made every reporter even more frightened to file. Bob talks to Andrew Meldrum, the recently arrested correspondent for ...


Hard News After Sept. 11

“How has journalism changed since Sept. 11?” is an oft-asked question that’s elicited many knee-jerk responses. A study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, though, has concluded that, contrary to the expected, there’s less hard news on TV than ever before. Why has the news embraced fluff stories after ...


Indy Media

While most media organizations have continued to cut staff, one has experienced huge growth in the past two years. It’s tough to tell, though, since the Independent Media Center doesn’t have a budget or full-time staff. Rather, it relies upon amateur journalists with hand-held cameras and microphones to present a ...


Umberto Eco

Italy’s foremost public thinker also happens to be an accomplished media critic who’s written a lot on communication theory. So when intellectual giant Umberto Eco travels to New York City, OTM jumps at the chance to get him in our studio for an interview…to talk about pretty much anything he ...


“Saudi Arabia: Allies Against Terrorism”

Saudi Arabia has been fighting hard to distance itself from the word “terrorism” since Sept. 11. The country has even hired a Washington public relations firm to provide an image boost and create some TV ads. Can 30-second spots change Americans’ opinions on this Middle Eastern nation? Brooke talks to ...


The Rendon Group

How do you become the Pentagon’s head of PR? Start as a political consultant for overseas elections. Then buddy-up with CIA big-wigs. Suddenly your credentials impress all the right people. That’s the route John Rendon took. He’s been steadily managing - some say mismanaging - America’s propaganda war for more ...


Instrumental Rock

Instrumental rock ‘n’ roll - the genre that once made many a beach party spectacular in the ‘50s and ‘60s - today is relegated to a few artists that hope to succeed despite having no chance of cracking the top 40 radio scene. Luckily, OTM has a correspondent who specializes ...


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