May 11, 2002

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Saturday, May 11, 2002


How has Hong-Kong being handed over to China changed it's media? That and a look at priests in the media this week on On the Media.

Hong Kong Clamp-Down

When Britain handed over control of Hong Kong to China five years ago, critics feared the end of a free press in the democratic state. And though China promised autonomous rule in Hong Kong, some say they’re hearing much less dissent and criticism in the papers lately. Host Bob Garfield ...


Murdoch in China

The man who brought America Al Bundy and In Living Color to FOX has struck a deal with Chinese officials to bring an entertainment cable channel to southern China. But will Rupert Murdoch’s vision of mass-appeal TV succeed in a country with more than one billion people? Host Brooke Gladstone ...



Brooke and Bob reads viewer responses to previous shows. This week, letters on Shakespeare’s potty mouth and the geography of Chilly Willy.



Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn’s recent assassination brought him more coverage in America than he ever received while alive. Normally lumped in with a cast of “potentially dangerous” right-wingers gaining popularity in Europe, Fortuyn’s obituaries finally provided a more accurate depiction of his eclectic ideological positions. Brooke talks to Mickey Kaus, ...


Nostalgia Sweeps

Do you miss Laverne & Shirley, L.A. Law, Mary Tyler Moore, and other classic television? Probably not, because you can catch most of them in reruns on cable each night. But ABC, NBC, and CBS sure miss the shows that made them the big three networks, so they’re loading up ...


A Look Back

With show reunions all the rage, OTM thought we’d have one of our own - with James Poniewozik, the guy we just interviewed. Come reminisce with us.


Priests in the Media

Men of the cloth have come in both good and evil forms on TV and in the movies. As perceptions of the Catholic Church have changed over the years, its most identifiable icon - the priest - has undergone just as many media makeovers. Brooke talks to New York Times ...


Mike’s Pockets

As part of an ongoing series of media tidbits from OTM Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca, Mike and Brooke examine CNN’s Lou Dobbs’ opinionated coverage of the Enron/Andersen accounting scandal.


Reforming Welfare Reform Coverage

Media images of welfare recipients have changed a lot from the unwed mother welfare queens driving Cadillacs of the 1980s. Since welfare reform passed into law in 1996, those on welfare now are more likely to be shown as the hard-working poor who’ve been able to succeed thanks to the ...



The songs are familiar, the lyrics the same, but we guarantee you’ve never heard versions quite like this. A group of fair-use artists have created songs using the spoken pronunciation guides of words in online dictionaries. The result is an entertaining blend of computerized music and monotone singing. Bob talks ...


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