May 4, 2002

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Saturday, May 04, 2002


The financial troubles of recent media mergers, and meet the man who was censor for Saturday Night Live.

Big Media Woes

The giant media mergers of the past few years look like they’re backfiring. Both AOL/Time Warner and Vivendi Universal announced significant financial losses last week, leaving many media analysts to wonder whether controlling so much can ever be profitable. Host Bob Garfield talks to one media analyst, Aaron Pressman.


An American (Newspaper) In Paris

French citizens continually bemoan the infiltration of American culture around the globe and, more importantly, within their borders. Even one of their own prized institutions has turned against them: the daily newspaper Le Monde has begun providing subscribers with occassional inserts of the New York Times…in English. Have they no ...



Host Brooke Gladstone reads viewer responses to previous shows along with Bob.


Public Radio Payola?

Record companies have a long and sordid history of paying off radio stations to get DJs to spin their tunes. Public radio stations have traditionally steered clear of such deals. But with noncommercial radio making more and more unknown artists into stars, the record industry has come knocking, cash in ...


Ex-Cons Get Media Savvy

A new generation is being trained to keep a keen and wary eye on the media that surround them. Media literacy is a good tool for young people entering society for the first time, advocates say. But what about those re-entering society - ex-convicts who’ve spent much of their lives ...


Man Behind Spider-Man Unmasked

Fans of the comic book may be a bit surprised at a credit in the upcoming Spider-Man movie: the web-slinging superhero was a creation of Marvel Comics head Stan Lee…and Steve Ditko. Why haven’t we heard of Ditko? Maybe because he’s refused to give interviews, and is a strict follower ...


New$ Anchor$

In a world where TV anchors both read and make news, their salaries get as much coverage as their blemishes. The latest twist: ABC has asked Peter Jennings to take a pay cut of a few million dollars. With anchors’ celebrity status fading, news divisions are recalculating their budgets, with ...


The Willy J. Clinton Show

The ex-prez is reportedly in talks with NBC about hosting a talk show - for a cool $50 million a year. Brooke imagines the possibilities and ponders the implications.


Swearing Up on TV

The list of bad words you can’t say on TV has gotten smaller of late. When once the word “pregnant” was taboo, now almost all the words describing how one gets pregnant are par for the course. Whether bleeped or left untouched, the proliferation of cursing is now commonplace on ...


Saturday Night Live Censor

Live, late-night, edgy satire and censorship doesn’t mix well. So imagine pulling down a paycheck as a censor for Saturday Night Live - debating which fart joke goes too far, and deciding how anatomically correct puppets can be. Bill Clotworthy had this job as Director of Program Standards from 1979 ...


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