April 27, 2002

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Saturday, April 27, 2002


Silvio Berlusconi's reactions to criticism of Italian state-run TV, a journalist takes justice into her own hands, and Mr. Elmo goes to Washington.

All-Berlusconi TV

Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently lashed out at some of his critics for having the gall to air their dissent on state-run TV. Not that there’s many other places on Italian TV for them to go present their opposing view: Berlusconi controls all 3 public stations, and owns 3 ...


A Journalist’s Revenge

Journalist Laura Blumenfeld wrote a book about seeking revenge for her father, an American Rabbi shot by a Palestinian in Jerusalem. She visited the gunman’s family under the guise of a reporter, not mentioning her personal connection to the situation. Did Blumenfeld misuse her status as a journalist? Brooke explores.


Mike’s Pockets

In our ongoing series of media tidbits from OTM Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca, Mike and Brooke take on celebrities plugging prescription drugs on talk shows, and puppets testifying before Congress. If it sounds odd, that’s because it is.


CBC Strike

There’s a lot of boring broadcasts out there, but have you ever watched an ice hockey game on TV - without any announcers? The CBC’s French-language division, Radio-Canada, has resorted to airing such pared-down programming while it negotiates a labor dispute with its employees. Bob talks - in English - ...


Critics Nit-pick, Get Papers

There’s a battle brewing over upstart newspapers in big cities. In this corner…er, coast: The New York Sun, overseen by Ira Stoll, whose website SmarterTimes.com is dedicated to picking apart every New York Times issue. And on that coast: Richard Riordan’s The Dick, getting help from Matt Welch, whose LAExaminer.com ...


First Draft of History (Revised)

Journalists know not to change quotes from the president, but the White House transcriptionist is not as limited. The Bush Administration is producing cleaned-up transcripts of the president’s speeches, minus all those verbal slip-ups and malapropisms we’ve come to love. Everything looks better on presidential paper, as Brooke learns from ...


The Magical Alan Greenspan

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan may not get compared to a Magic Eight Ball often, but journalists sure treat him like one. As Bob discovered, it seems there's hardly a question about the economy for which - in the media at least - Alan Greenspan isn't the answer!


Star Wars Myth is…Well, a Myth

George Lucas’ epic saga of light sabers, death stars and ewoks is the popularized restoration of a timeless arc of storytelling: the myth. Actually, Star Wars has less to do with Lucas’ intense interest in comparative mythology than in the science fiction he read growing up. So argues Salon.com writer ...


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