April 6, 2002

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Saturday, April 06, 2002


How Israel has been cracking down on journalists, C-SPAN's take on the morning show, and a new twist on video game consoles.

Covering Israel

Increased tensions in the Middle East have led the Israeli government to increase its effort to crack down on journalists in the region by using censors, lawsuits, and even bullets. Brooke talks to ABC News producer Nasser Atta, and Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C.


News Pooling

Newsroom cutbacks and deregulation have produced a new beast in local broadcasts: the statewide local news anchor. A group of reporters and anchors can now be seen in all of Arizona’s media markets as “your local news team.” Are these two-timing journalists, or are they practicing efficient newsgathering? OTM’s Paul ...


Clear Channel

America’s largest radio broadcast company has been accused of muscling the music and radio businesses for some time. Clear Channel’s hardball business practices have finally gotten the attention of Washington regulators and legislators, but can the beltway get the bully of the radio industry to back down? Bob talks to ...



Brooke and Bob read viewer responses to last week’s show. They usually read the funny ones.


French Fried Fraud

A new book claiming that the September 11th plane crash into the Pentagon is all a big government lie is flying off the shelves in France. The French may love their conspiracies, but UPI Chief International Correspondent Martin Walker has a theory of his own. As he tells host Bob ...


The Anti-Morning Show

Morning news shows are the cotton candy of journalism: all sugar and fluff. But C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” fights against chipper a.m. nonsense with solemn hosts and lengthy readings from the day’s newspapers. What profile of C-SPAN’s morning show can begin with theories from Northrop Frye and end with a nod ...


Der Painstation

Looking for a gift to give the kid who finds even the goriest of video games dull? How about a game that inflicts pain on the actual people playing it? Head to Germany for the Painstation, a game that mixes “Pong” with whipping, burning and electric shocks. Brooke chats with ...


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