March 30, 2002

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Saturday, March 30, 2002


Recent controversy over the Pulitzer Prizes,'s Walter Shapiro on campaign finance reform, and a woman who writes letters to the editor of papers criticizing democrats...every night.

Dirty Pulitzers

On April 8, the Pulitzer committee will announce this year’s awards for investigative journalism. Similar to the controversy surrounding “A Beautiful Mind” at this year’s Oscars, the Pulitzers are at the center of a really good fight. In one corner, the Seattle Times. The other corner, the Wall Street Journal. ...


Campaign Finance

In a recent article for, Walter Shapiro suggested that "not since Elvis Presley went to the White House to enlist in Richard Nixon's war on drugs has a Washington event inspired as much cynicism as the passage of campaign finance reform." Bob talks to him about the media coverage ...


Google Bamboozle

The Internet search engine “Google” wound up in the middle of a religious spat last week. Both the anti-scientology web site XENU.NET and the Church of Scientology have been battling for supremacy atop Google, using keen knowledge of how Google works to manipulate search results. Brooke talks to Daniel Sullivan, ...


Joe Klein

Reporters reflexively react to everything that happens in the world with skepticism. So when a journalist speaks favorably about someone, particularly an elected official, the antennae of fellow members of the press shoot up, suspecting naivete or worse. Joe Klein, author of the new book, The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency ...


Video Description

A year ago, the FCC passed rules requiring the major broadcast networks and cable TV stations provide a special description service that would narrate the action of their programming for the visually impaired. OTM’s Neal Carruth reports.


Spring Training

The beat writers covering spring training can either crush players’ illusions or play along with their upbeat confidence as the new season draws near. Drew Olsen has faced this challenge covering the Brewers for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the past 9 losing seasons, and he talks to Bob.


Howard Kurtz

Bob chats with Washington Post media columnist Howard Kurtz, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary of the CNN media program Reliable Sources.



Bob and Brooke read from a selection of your letters


To the Editor

Every night, Reba Shimansky from Brooklyn spends a few hours reading articles and then writing angry letters to reporters who criticize Democrats. She tells Brooke why there’s always something to complain about.


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