March 2, 2002

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Saturday, March 02, 2002


Was Thomas Friedman acting as diplomat in his column by floating a peace plan? That, as well as FOX heading to England this week on On the Media.

Journalist or Diplomat?

When New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman used his op-ed to float a Mid-East peace plan by the Saudi Crown Prince, some asked whether he was using his column to play diplomat. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to Les Gelb - former Times columnist, editorial page editor, and Assistant Secretary of ...


News-Breaking Op-Eds

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s reporting from the Philippines contains a lot of breaking news that ought to land his articles on the front page of the paper instead of on the last page of the ‘A’ section. Is news being buried in the op-ed page? Host Bob Garfield ...



Brooke and Bob read listener’s letters about previous shows. This week, reactions to our investigation into World Business Review.


Fox Invades England

Like their food, Brits prefer their TV news bland: they’re used to an impartial survey of national and world events served up with no frills. Recently, though, England has gotten access to the anything-but-bland Fox News Channel. Will Fox spoil the U.K’s media diet? Bob chats with journalism professor and ...


Canadian Conglomeration

Canadian media giant CanWest has a new editorial policy featuring a weekly national editorial that runs in all 14 of its major metropolitan newspapers. Some call it a tribute to the days of Hearst, when the publisher’s opinion dominated the op-ed page. But critics say the policy is strangling the ...


Feed the Beast

Small businesses are often overwhelmed when trying to handle the press. That’s why the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, sponsored a “Feeding the Beast Tour” to show modest companies how some of their local media operate. Reporter Paul Ingles takes the tour.


Presidential Privacy

When President Bush signed an executive order to keep a substantial portion of Reagan’s archives confidential, opponents got angry…and then got organized. Last week, historians and archivists convened in New York City to discuss whether presidential conversations are a private matter or a part of the public record. OTM’s Producer-At-Large ...


Nightline Flatlined?

Since the late 1970’s Nightline with Ted Koppel has been one of the most respected programs in broadcast news. Now Koppel is on the chopping block, as ABC threatens to replace Nightline’s round-the-globe coverage with The Late Show with David Letterman. TV Guide’s Max Robins tells Brooke why late night ...


Video Cafe

At Manhattan’s “Remote Lounge,” dating can be as easy as changing the TV channel. Tables feature TV screens showing live video of bar flies as they sip their cocktails. OTM’s Jad Abumrad reports.


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