February 23, 2002

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Saturday, February 23, 2002


How pop culture combats anti-American sentiment in the Middle East, and remembering two journalists who died this past week: Daniel Pearl and Howard K. Smith.

World Business Review

Wondering what happened to Al Haig? The four-star general can be seen each week on public TV stations hosting “World Business Review,” a technology series with an unusual disclaimer at the end of most episodes. Far from common public TV practice, most of WBR’s guests - corporate executives - pay ...


Office of Strategic Misinformation?

Last week unhappy Pentagon officials leaked news that the Office of Strategic Information (OSI) was considering a campaign to plant false reports in foreign news services. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld jumped into “clean-up” mode but the damage was already done. Host Bob Garfield talks to Freedom Forum’s Paul McMasters.


Pop and Propaganda

Soon Arab teens throughout the Middle East will have a steady diet of Britney Spears and U.S. diplomacy courtesy of the U.S. government. The U.S. Broadcasting Board has enlisted Norman Pattiz of commercial radio distribution giant Westwood One to help design a pro-American radio network for the Arab world’s under ...


Market Mingling Okayed

A federal appellate court this week overturned the FCC regulation that had prevented cable companies from owning a television broadcaster in the same market. Big media broadcasters say the rule was outdated, but consumer advocates are up in arms. Brooke hears from both sides: Consumer’s Union lawyer Chris Murray, and ...


Who Owns Olympic Images?

Olympics highlights have been noticeably absent on TV sports news. That’s because NBC has strict guidelines on what can - but mostly cannot - be shown on other networks. Bob chats with intellectual property lawyer David Wittenstein about what happens when sports become newsworthy.


Drama on Ice

For the best mixture of sports and soap opera, there’s nothing finer than visiting the scandal-laced world of figure skating. Every four years Olympic coverage yanks at the heart-strings with the sagas of their leading ladies. Abigail Feder-Kane tells Brooke, it may be overblown but it keeps the viewers glued.


Yoga Ads

Though Yogis tend to be out of touch with Madison Avenue, they’ve recently hit on a happening trend. Yoga imagery is everywhere lending its limber, spiritual veneer to shoes, cereal and stockbrokers. As Rachael Myrow reports, whether it’s SUVs or underwear, advertisers know yoga sells.


Danny Pearl and Howard K. Smith

OTM pays tribute to two journalists who died this week: Wall Street journal reporter Daniel Pearl, killed by his kidnappers in Pakistan, and longtime broadcaster Howard K. Smith.


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