January 26, 2002

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Saturday, January 26, 2002


This week: copyright law on the internet, how Somalis are reacting to Black Hawk Down, and OTM takes on the man (or rather, the mouse).

The Future of Ideas

Claiming copyrights on the ideas they think up is becoming an increasingly used - and successful - technique by corporations to maintain a vice-grip on intellectual property. Bob talks to Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig about the threat that unbridled copyright law poses to the free-flow of ideas on the ...


Fleischer’s Foil

Taking a trick from magicians, the past few White House press secretaries have mastered the art of misdirection: when under fire on an unwelcome topic, they’re sure to change to subject by calling on reporters guaranteed to ask an unrelated question specific to their beat. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to ...


White House Press Corps

Journalists may work their whole career to get there, but not because the White House briefing room has the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a well-furnished den by Ikea. Host Bob Garfield toured the place the press secretary calls home to talk to reporters about one of the most coveted ...



Brooke and Bob read listener’s emails about previous shows.


Mike’s Pockets

In our ongoing series of media tidbits from OTM Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca, Mike takes aim at Talk Magazine, Wolf Blitzer's ball-drop follow-up, and the evaporation of the wind chill factor.


YM: Diet Stories No More

The recipe for success in the world of teen girl mags has always included a dash of fashion, a pinch of boys, and a heaping glob of diet tips. However, finding the finished product too heavy on low self-esteem, YM has decided to ditch dieting advice in an attempt to ...


Disney’s Copyrighted Rodent

Since Disney owns a prolific amount of copyrighted intellectual property, it’s tougher than ever to use the branded image or likeness of a certain big-eared, giggling rodent. Still, OTM fears no corporate giants, so we offer up this variation on a Disney standard that we hope won’t get us sued.


Somalis Watch Black Hawk Down

The movie “Black Hawk Down” is doing well, earning favorable reviews as well as high box office draws. But the film about a botched military raid on a Somali warlord is getting different reactions when it’s shown in Somalia. Brooke talks with New York Times reporter Donald McNeil about how ...


Bloody Sunday

Reporters rarely get a second chance to correct the record. But British reporter Peter Pringle did three years ago when the British government decided to reopen the inquiry into Bloody Sunday, the massacre that took place in the city of Derry, Northern Ireland, thirty years ago this week. Brooke takes ...


Bloody Sunday: The Movie

There’s been another recent stab to get Bloody Sunday’s story straight: a new movie about the violence in Ireland on January 30, 1972, which mixes documentary and drama to retell what happened on that fateful day. Bob talks to filmmaker Paul Greengrass about making the film “Bloody Sunday” using the ...


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