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Friday, April 24, 2009


The Pulitzer Prize winners were announced on Monday to the great excitement of many in the journalism industry. None of the awards, however, carried the same amount of intrigue as the one claimed two years ago by Jahangir Razmi, an Iranian photographer who had actually won the award 27 years before. Josh Prager, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, was the reporter who first discovered Razmi's identity. Razmi and Prager tell their story.

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Stephen Dreyfuss

An excellent story. It's ironic, however, that in a broadcast that also featured a piece about copy editors, there wasn't one available to prevent your correspondent from committing the error of using "perpetuate" when he meant "perpetrate," in describing the photo as "a rare glimpse of the violence perpetuated by Iran's revolutionary regime."

Apr. 27 2009 01:43 PM
sarah beddall

I think it is a great day in histor when someone can take credit for the hard work they have done and not get hunted down for it. It may be that this photographer's anonymity and modesty saved his life. This reminds of "Deep Throat" and how he came out in 2005 as the Watergate informant. It can be dangerous to be involved with government issues. There are journalists today and through out time who put there lives in jeoparday to get the information to us. There are a lot of things wrong with today's society, but it is warming to know that this iranian photographer finally felt safe enough to come out and claim was was rightfully his.

Apr. 26 2009 11:33 PM

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