Food Fight

Friday, April 24, 2009


For decades, the consumption of news has complicated our consumption of food. So says Michael Pollan, professor of science and environmental journalism. He explains how health studies, the reporters who love them and especially food labels have left us poorly fed and informed.

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michael gamble from asheville, nc

I found this interview to be very frustrating, as Brook seemed to allow that author to throw around his fancy new word "nutritionism" without adequately explaining his position on the concept. While he complained about "treating foods as if the sum of their nutrients were all that mattered", he never was really forced to say why that was bad, or what *does* matter about food if not the nutrients. I would imagine "taste" might be an appropriate answer, but it was never mentioned. Overall, this seemed like more of a general "we're so absurd about food" rant than it was a clear (or new) position on anything. If there was a point, I missed it.

Apr. 30 2009 02:05 PM

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