January 12, 2002

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Saturday, January 12, 2002


Major media outlets are trying to expand their coverage of gay life. This week on On the Media, we take a look at how they're trying to do this, and Bob takes on, well, Bob over Paula Zahn.


Major media outlets are looking to expand the coverage of gay life in the media by creating the first cable channel expressly created to appeal to the gay and lesbian community. Brooke speaks with TV Guide’s J. Max Robins and then University of Pennsylvania’s Professor, and “Up from Invisibility” author ...


Russian Press Freedom

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cajoled, censored, and sued his country’s media into near silence. Most recently, a Russian journalist has been jailed, and the country’s last independent television station is almost broken by bankruptcy. Brooke talks with the Hoover Institution’s Mike McFaul about the deep freeze on freedom in ...


OTM Spectrum: Paula Zahn

When CNN recently pulled a promotional piece touting Paula Zahn as “just a little bit sexy,” it got OTM thinking about the range of opinions about important news items. In a new series, Bob draws the line, erases it, then draws it again -- on the question of sexism in ...


Record Scratch

Some say the sound effect that accompanied the Paula Zahn promo was a zipper. Some say it was a record scratch. Some say love, it is a river, that bends the tender reed. OTM’s producer-at-large Mike Pesca doesn’t know about all that, but he does know this: the record scratch ...


The New Imperialists

The names Gates, Bezos, and Ellison have replaced Rockefeller, Getty, and Carnegie as short hand for American industry. As technology and the dot coms rose, journalist standards often fell commensurately. Bob talks to Mark Leibovich, author of “The New Imperialists”.


Commercial Closet

Bob talks to Michael Wilke, who collects examples of advertising with homosexual themes. Some are blatant, some subtle, and some clearly in the eye of the beholder.


Cartoonist in the War Zone

No one would begrudge editorial cartoonist their status as journalists, or at least as legitimate members of the op-ed page. But few actually report on their subjects, they simply react to the reporting of others. So cartoonist Ted Rall decided he needed to visit Afghanistan first hand, and, as he ...


Wither the pinhead?

For years a dyspeptic clown has depressed and delighted readers of the San Francisco Chronicle, but now the Bay Area broad sheet has had enough of the clown with the curious cranium. Zippy’s visage isn’t the only thing pointed in this conversation between Bob and Zippy’s creator, Bill Griffith.


TV Births

A recent poll by babycenter.com revealed that 96% of parents surveyed say that television gives an inaccurate impression of the birthing process. Curious that viewers would’t demand greater accuracy, given that every viewer has been involved in at least one birth, and many viewers have themselves given birth. Reporter John ...


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