January 5, 2002

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Saturday, January 05, 2002


The appearance of liquor ads on TV, media coverage of the conflict between India and Pakistan, and Harvard meets hip-hop.

Cornel West’s CD

During some time away from Harvard University, famed African American Studies Professor Cornel West cut a hip-hop album. His boss, President Lawrence Summers, dubbed West’s behavior “unbecoming of a Harvard professor.” Brooke and Bob discuss the implications of an academic spat.


India and Pakistan

As the prospect of war between India and Pakistan heightens, host Bob Garfield talks to UPI Chief Correspondent Martin Walker about how the press around the world is covering the conflict.


Al-Qaeda Computer

When reporters stumbled across a computer used by al-Qaeda members, investigators found documents containing information on biological weapons. They also found a memo saying the terrorists were inspired by Western press reports. We have one journalist's reaction. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to 60 Minutes Producer Peter Klein.



Brooke and Bob read listener responses to previous shows. This week, Philip Martin’s report on NPR’s Middle East coverage generated a lot of mail.


Black Hawk Down

The new war movie Black Hawk Down is based on Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Mark Bowden’s book recounting a 1993 military raid in Mogadishu, Somalia. Brooke talks to Bowden about getting the story by first working around and then working with the Pentagon.


Teaching Tool: The Battle of Algiers

What’s the best way to learn how to win a war against terrorism? Try watching the movie The Battle of Algiers. Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism analyst at the Rand Institute, shows his students the 1966 film because he says it demonstrates a highly successful strategy of counter-terrorism. Bob talks to ...


Ferrets Magazine

It’s a story all too common in the era of media mega-mergers and market consolidation: big media conglomerate pushes small independent publisher out of the market. But when the publishers of Modern Ferret accused Fancy Pet Publications’ Ferrets magazine of trying to put them out of business, Bob went to ...


Liquor Ads

Stations have long run ads for beer and wine, but NBC’s decision last month to air commercials for hard liquor ended a longstanding - albeit voluntary - code among the major networks not to run such ads. Brooke talks to TV Guide Columnist Max Robins.


Mainstreaming Urban Culture

Over the last two decades, hip-hop music has moved from underground to over-ground, becoming one of the most popular music genres in America. The mainstreaming of hip-hop has created not only a new cultural aesthetic, but a new advertising market as well. Brooke investigates the allure of urban culture.


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