December 29, 2001

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Saturday, December 29, 2001


Looking back at the first two days of coverage after September 11th. And how Madison Avenue dabbles in necromancy to move goods.

Time Delay New Year

There was a time when you existed in either Eastern Time or Pacific Time, with a vague nod toward the Central and Mountain Time Zones. But now, the rhythm of life is dictated by “feed time,” as in when the network feeds the programming in your area. All this occurred ...


The First 48 Hours

Looking back on 2001, the event that dwarfs the rest, of course, is the one that shook the country - and our own offices in lower Manhattan, to the core. OTM’s Producer at Large Mike Pesca assembled this look back at the first two days of coverage after the Twin ...


Ted Koppel

On the evening of September 11th, ABC's Nightline was planning to air a documentary about the war in Eastern Congo. The late-night news show continues to thrive despite the widely held assumption that there is no mass audience for such serious programming. Back in October, Brooke talked to Nightline Host ...



In the immediate aftermath of September 11th, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivered an important message -- not to America, not to the international community, not to the media --but to his own Defense Department. It was a warning about leaking classified information because a leaker, Rumsfeld declared, is a ...


Cultural Glue

In a place as large and as diverse as America, there's no single program that can qualify as a universally shared cultural experience. Not even On the Media. Even in times of crisis, finding the common threads that unite us isn’t easy. OTM’s Sara Fishko looked back to an earlier ...


Dead Celebrities

When is death not the final act? Answer: when Madison Avenue runs the show. Bob examines the use of dead celebrities to hawk worldly goods.



The extra features on DVDs offer an endless array of juicy tidbits for the cineaste, making the DVD player this year’s number one Christmas gift and the fastest-selling electronic device in history. Brooke talks to film critic Roger Ebert.


DVD Parody

We at OTM have been lobbying for DVD versions of the news so we could get the same behind-the-scenes footage and inside information that have made movie DVDs such a hit. And we’ve finally succeeded: the director’s commentary on President Bush’s first address to Congress, last February.


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