December 1, 2001

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Saturday, December 01, 2001


A look at the media's coverage of cloning, Southern California as a hub for...Iranian television, and why American consumers are turning to British papers for their news.


A biotechnology company’s announcement that it was the first to (kind of) successfully clone human embryo cells prompted a flurry of media coverage. However, what’s headline news to journalists isn’t necessarily groundbreaking to scientists. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to NPR Science Correspondent Joe Palca.


Iranian Television

Strange as it sounds, southern California is a hub for TV stations broadcasting to Iran. Rachel Myro takes a look at the airwaves heading from the West Coast to West Asia.


Destroying Information

On government orders, libraries across the country are destroying documents containing details of dams and reservoir structures. Is this a necessary act to keep information out of terrorist’s hands, or a risky violation of our right to public access? Host Bob Garfield talks with Brant Houston of Investigative Reporters and ...


Ugly Actors

Hollywood is famous as the place where the beautiful and talented go to make it big in film. It always has been, it always will be. Even so, a raging bull market for the less-than-beautiful has also emerged. Indeed, it's flush times for the unsightly, as Bob discovers.


Pauline Kael

Film critic Pauline Kael died recently at age 82. Her reviews built an eager audience for a new kind of American film. Brooke discusses Kael’s legacy with film critic David Edelstein and screenwriter and director Robert Towne.


World Press

Brooke checks in again with UPI’s Martin Walker, who’s been scanning the European papers to see where they think America’s war on terrorism is heading.


British Papers

While Americans are tuning to the news in record numbers lately, not everyone is merely watching more Jennings or picking up USA Today. Many are trolling the internet for coverage from abroad, discovering British papers online. Bob discusses the U.K. press’ new popularity with journalist Trevor Butterworth and Media Channel ...


New York Exposed

The Daily News is publishing a book of 80 years of photographs taken in New York City. Brooke talks to retired New York journalist Pete Hamill about the stories the photos tell, and the Big Apple’s history in black and white.


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