Novermber 17, 2001

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Saturday, November 17, 2001


Bob speaks with LA Times reporter Paul Watson about the difficulties of reporting from Afghanistan. Plus, why audiences love violent films, and how to really read movie reviews. That's this week on On the Media.

The Origins of 24 Hour News

The extraordinary coverage we saw on September 11th would not have been possible, if the medium had not been shaken awake by a monumental disaster 38 years ago this week. On The Media’s Sara Fishko prepared this recollection of a few days in November.


Reporting from Afghanistan

The war week in Afghanistan has led to extraordinary developments and, for the journalists trying to cover it, extraordinary challenges. The Los Angeles Times' Paul Watson, reporting veteran of 14 conflicts, has been on the move with a photographer and an Afghan translator, commuting daily to the front lines. He ...


Al-Jazeera’s Captive Audience

Al-Jazeera has taken the passion and rhetoric of the street, put it in the studio and beamed it out to 35 million viewers across the world. Brooke speaks with Fouad Ajami, author of an article in this week’s New York Times Magazine called “What the Muslim world is watching.”


Missed Credit

Bob reveals the source of the computer voice used in last week's parody.


Mike’s Pockets

On Monday, a media consortium released the results of their Florida recount. OTM Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca took to the streets of New York with this question: who won the election?


Violent Films find Voracious Audience

It seemed to make sense when we learned that some of the terror-and-bomb theme films planned for release this fall had been held back following the events of September 11th. So why are some films now being released early for the same reasons? Brooke speaks with David Edelstein, movie reviewer ...


This Movie is Terribly Good, Says Critic

Movie blurbs, like fortune cookies and Pentagon briefings, are ALWAYS positive. The trick, as Bob discovered earlier this year, is reading between the fulsome lines to discover where the real Thanksgiving turkeys are.


Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Quits

The media recession claimed another high-profile victim last week with the sudden resignation of Philadelphia Inquirer editor Robert Rosenthal. Bob talks with the former editor about the pressures of the profit margin.


Who Controls Local TV News?

In local TV news, stories are routinely killed - and sometimes even written - at the behest of advertisers. That’s the conclusion of the latest study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, which surveyed more than a hundred TV stations in markets large and small. Brooke reviews the survey ...


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