November 10, 2001

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Saturday, November 10, 2001


This week On the Media asks whose side the media is on. Also, we take a look at how the election of Michael Bloomberg to Mayor of New York caught some reporters off guard, and Bob tries the Microsoft thesaurus.

Who’s Side is the Media on? - The Devil’s?

In an article on, senior writer William Saleten wrote that the media were “bad news bearers,” whose reflexive cynicism was sapping national morale. In fact, he says, though the media are clearly biased in favor of the American cause, the war coverage slants toward the Taliban. He talks to ...


Who’s Side is the Media on? - The Saints’?

E.J. Dionne, a columnist for the Washington Post, tells Brooke that the press is getting slammed for a negativity that’s really coming from another direction.


European Public Opinion

Martin Walker, Chief International Correspondent for United Press International, returns to OTM to discuss European public opinion on the bombings in Afghanistan.


The Media Diet of a Californian Afghan

Fremont, California is home to the largest population of Afghan immigrants in the U.S. Raquel Maria Dillon reports on he many ways the community sates its appetite for news.


Panic Press

What are the responsibilities of a reporter covering the vulnerabilities of the US to terrorist attacks? US News and World Report senior writer, David Whitman, talks to Bob about the touchy job of covering the loopholes in American security that are big enough to drive a truck bomb through.



Bob and Brooke read from a selection of letters from listeners.


Packaging Patriotism

Pitching patriotism hasn’t always been as simple as it has been since 9-11. On the Media’s Mike Pesca explores the commodity that is love-of-country, and what makes people buy it.


From Media-mogul Billionaire to Mayor Bloomberg

Why did Michael Bloomberg’s election as the mayor of New York City catch so many reporters off guard? Michael Tomasky of New York Magazine explains.


Will 9/11 change the way America watches TV?

We all know that TV ratings skyrocketed in the first two weeks after September 11th. TV Guide just completed a survey on whether those viewers liked what they saw, and whether they liked what they saw. TV Guide’s Max Robins talks to Brooke.


Microsoft, AKA?

What do you call it when political correctness meets corporate cravenness and monopolistic business practices? Well, if there's a word for it, you won't find it in the Microsoft Word thesaurus, which as a matter of policy redacts synonyms potentially offensive to computer users. Mark Goldblatt, who wrote about his ...


Another Word For Microsoft?

Bob tries out the Microsoft 2000 thesaurus on his own.


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