October 6, 2001

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Saturday, October 06, 2001


Defining terrorism, a journalist killed in Northern Ireland, and how urban legends are growing out of September 11th.

The Recount...Reversed?

A consortium of the country's largest news organizations was prepared to release their analysis of the disputed presidential race in Florida, but have postponed that release in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the nation. Are there sound journalistic reasons for putting a story of such import to American ...


Word Watch on Terrorism

This week at the United Nations - a weeklong debate over a global strategy to combat terrorism. The big question - how can the world defeat an enemy it can't define? As the saying goes, "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." The delegates at the U-N agreed that ...


Whither Columnists?

Jacob Weisberg in his Slate magazine column wrote a critique of the President that wasn't exactly an homage. And he was, in turn, was criticized. But where does the commentator go now, if he - or she, in the case of Ann Coulter - can no longer commentate?


Vetting the Ads

This may be October, but it is still September 11th for the world of advertising, where many images and jokes created before the attack have been rendered horrible double entendres. Brooke talks to ad man Jon Frierson about the process of vetting his agency's entire pre-Sept. 11 output looking for ...


For Irish Journalists, the "Troubles" Hit Home

In Northern Ireland, thirty years of terror claimed another victim last Saturday. Reporter Martin O'Hagen specialized in the underworld in Belfast...and it was there that the Loyalist Red Hand Defenders, a Protestant paramilitary group, shot him dead in a drive-by attack. Brooke talks to O'Hagen's colleague Richard Sullivan, News Editor ...


Giving the Star and Crescent the PR treatment

Recently a series of public service announcements have begun to air on television and radio stations, promoting a message of tolerance. It's one of the most visible efforts to combat discrimination and hate crimes against Muslims and Arab-Americans, the PSA's are all part of a larger public relations campaign for ...



Brooke and Bod read your letters.


Urban Legends as Mass Therapy?

Events like the WTC attacks are fertile ground for the escalation of rumor into widely-held belief. Bob talks to Barabara Mickelson, who runs a website devoted to urban myths and their debunking.


A Very Modern Conflict

The last decade saw wars for which there were no rule books already written. Brooke talks to David Halberstam about whether the new style of warfare requires a new style of coverage.


Coffee Tawk With Ted Koppel

It has been said that Ted Koppel is the nearest the media gets to a minister without portfolio in its ranks. Brooke talks with the Nightline host about the how's, why's a wherefore's of covering the subjects no one else wants to bother with.


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