August 18, 2001

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Saturday, August 18, 2001


A look at China's controls on the web, a hero of the environmental movement attacking environmental groups, and a question: where have all the British celebrities gone? That and more, this week on On the Media.


It’s nine months later, and there’s still coverage of the 2000 presidential election? Yes, primarily because Rep. Henry Waxman of California is heading a campaign, unsuccessful so far, to get a tape from NBC that he thinks proves NBC’s boss tampered with the network's election calls. Bob talks to Waxman ...


China and the Internet

Twenty-three million people in China have online access, but for the Chinese, the worldwide web is not quite so wide. Strict government regulations permit officials to filter and monitor all Web activity. Brooke talks to author and China specialist Orville Schell about how Chinese rulers are coping with and taking ...


News or Not?

A few months ago, OTM spoke to the leader of a local Denver organization that petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to force Denver area news stations to drop the word “news” from their advertising and promotions. The FTC has responded, and Bob has the update.


Product Placement

The idea of getting a company's brand name exposure on TV or in movies has grown from an offshoot of marketing and entertainment into a large industry of its own. Brooke talks with producer Lianne Halfon about the product placement hassles that bogged down nearly every scene during the filming ...


BBC and the Royals

With the Queen Mother in her hundreds, British news organizations are beginning to plan their coverage of her eventual death. The BBC, however, already knows what it's going to do; they have a special contract, established 50 years ago, with the Royal Family that guides its programming the day the ...


British Celebrities

For a country that produced Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Princess Diana and the Beatles, the current celebrity drought is an embarrassment and a heart break. Bob crosses an ocean to get some answers.


Environment, Inc.

Tom Knudson’s recent series of articles in the Sacramento Bee chastises environmental organizations who produce little or no results while overspending on themselves. Attacking these groups is a departure for the Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter, once hailed a hero to the environmental movement. Bob talks with Knudson about his latest target.


Don Imus

Popular morning talk show host Don Imus splits his on-air time, between highbrow interviews with prominent journalists and political figures, and lowbrow dirty jokes and shtick that routinely offends minorities. Imus’ high-minded guests, however, seem to shrug off the show’s offensive comedy. Should they speak out? Brooke examines the mystery ...


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