July 14, 2001

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Saturday, July 14, 2001


A look at televisions love for courtroom dramas, and training children and adults to be media literate.

A Decade of Court TV

The cable channel that brought us round-the-clock analysis of the O.J. Simpson and Menendez brothers cases has been providing the fix legal junkies need ever since its debut in 1991. Bob cross-examines Court TV CEO Henry Schleiff on the first 10 years of his network.


Campaign Finance Reform

Broadcasters are lobbying hard against the newest version of a campaign finance reform bill which, if passed, would require stations to offer lower prices for commercials politicians run during elections. Host Bob Garfield talks to Paul Taylor, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Better Campaigns, about the debate that’s ...


Pentagon Papers

30 years ago, the Supreme Court decided it was okay that the New York Times published parts of the classified Pentagon Papers, allowing Americans to see the lies and secrets of government officials during the Vietnam War. Host Brooke Gladstone talks with Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the documents ...


Pop Courtrooms

The courtroom show has always competed with the cop show for the title of most common (and most predictable) drama on TV. But TV isn’t static. How did we get from Perry Mason and The People’s Court to Law and Order and Judge Judy? On the Media’s Alicia Zuckerman gives ...


Dominick Dunne

The one-time movie producer turned writer has just published a collection of his Vanity Fair articles. It certainly was anything but a traditional path that led Dominick Dunne to the less glamorous career of court reporter. Brooke chats with Dominick about his unique perspective on journalism.


Found Magazine

Have you ever lost something? Then this magazine is for you. Davy Rothbart took a small idea - cataloguing objects, notes, and pictures found anywhere - and published them for the world (OK, three cities) to examine. Is this existential introspection at its best, or merely a trash collection? Bob ...


Corporate Media Literacy

The Alliance for a Media Literate America holds education seminars to teach people how to avoid being manipulated by the media. The trouble is, this requires money, and AMLA gets its funding from some of the same media corporations whose tricky methods it is trying to fight. Conflict of interest? ...


Media Literacy Camp

Remember those great summers spent making jewelry out of dried macaroni and canoeing with your new best friend? Summer camp is a staple of youth. Now there’s a new camp for teenagers bored with that whole nature thing. OTM’s Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca reports from the “Media Mania” media literacy camp ...


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