June 23, 2001

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Saturday, June 23, 2001


Two murderers about to be released must face the wrath of London's press, and how the editors of niche magazines keep stories fresh.

The Bulger Killings

Jon Venerables and Robert Thompson have been in jail since killing a toddler when they were ten years old. Now 18, and set to be released on parole, the pair may not be ready to face the fierceness of the British press. Brooke previews the media frenzy with London Times ...


Chandra Levy

Cable news networks thrive on stories with phrases like “missing intern,” “silent congressman,” and “alleged affair.” Hosts Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone sift through the latest in overkill coverage: California Congressman Gary Condit and missing intern Chandra Levy.



Brooke and Bob respond to listeners’ mail about previous shows.


Politicians Muscle Radio Broadcaster

Political talk show host Gerson Borrero of Spanish language radio station WADO-AM in New York City says he lost his job because of pressure from three congress-members. The politicians met with Borrero’s bosses and, according to Borrero, threatened the station’s broadcast license if he didn’t steer clear of politics during ...


BBC Switches Off Short-Wave in North America

BBC World Service is ditching its low-fidelity short-wave broadcasts to North America. Instead, the Beeb is turning to the Internet and FM rebroadcasts to reach its audience in the New World. On the Media’s David Goran reports on the fading signals of short-wave radio.


Color TV at 50

Reds, greens and blues have been getting significant airtime ever since the first broadcast of color television 50 years ago. Brooke talks with Marshall Fisher, author of Tube: The Invention of Television, the tug of war behind that broadcast.


Survivor Lawsuit

News that an original Survivor contestant is suing a CBS executive for trying to sway a tribal council vote brought a collective yawn from the American public. It wasn’t always this way: in the 1950s, the country was astonished to learn that their favorite quiz shows were rigged. Brooke talks ...


MBA in the News

Pundits often refer to George W. Bush’s Masters in Business Administration while describing his “corporate” approach to running America. But On the Media’s John Solomon reports that the press have made more out of Bush’s management style than they should.


Specialty Magazines

Niche marketing has resulted in the explosion of highly specialized glossies, covering the world of, say, fitness or golf month after month. The problem is, how many articles on firmer abs or the perfect swing can the public consume? Bob explores the minds of editors who come up with fresh ...


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