June 9, 2001

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Saturday, June 09, 2001


A kerfuffle in the White House over what has been deemed an inappropriate question asked of Ari Fleischer by a reporter, and how the media has covered AIDS over the past 2 decades.

Bennett Roth

During a press briefing on the issue of drug abuse and parental involvement, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer had a firm “no comment” when asked if Bush himself has talked to his daughters about substance abuse. After the briefing, Fleisher called the reporter to chide him for asking the ...


Fleischer Responds

White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer responds to Bennett Roth.


AIDS in the Media

This week, the media looked back at 20 years of AIDS with special reports, issues and interviews. On The Media’s Amy Eddings looks back at how the press has handled - and mishandled -- the disease over the past two decades



As the war in Serbia raged, one independent broadcaster made heroes of its reporters by defying the political leaders and staying on the air, no mean feat. One of those heroes was B92 reporter Boyana Lekic. But Lekic has come under scrutiny for accepting an award from the very war ...



Author Barbara Ehrenreich went undercover in her new book "Nickel and Dimed: About (not) getting by in America" to see how the "other half" lived, only to discover that often they can't. Not that many mainstream media outlets are interested. Brooke interviews Barbara about the unpopularity of stories about the ...


Pay for Play

It's hard for a major corporate music company to generate much sympathy. But even these multi-national behemoths have challenges, most notably, reining in the powerful independent promoters that govern radio airplay. But with "Bootylicious", the newest single from Destiny's Child, one record label is trying to change that tune. Brooke ...


The Death of the Single

The 45 was once the dominant musical medium. From Elvis, to the Beatles, to the Supremes, that round little disc with the big hole in the middle defined the early rock 'n pop era. New technologies have since swept the single aside, but there are some die-hards who refuse to ...


Record Scratch

Singles are dying, vinyl records are almost dead, and recorded music as a whole is taking a hit because of mp-3 and Napster. But On The Media has noticed a counter trend. It seems the public's appetite for the "scratch" sound effect from a record does not in any way ...


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