May 5, 2001

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Saturday, May 05, 2001


This week On the Media focuses on the debate over whether or not to broadcast executions.

Excerpts from a Public Radio Special: The Execution Tapes

In May, for the first time in this country, an entire execution was broadcast. It was part of a special program jointly produced by WNYC Radio and the independent radio production company Sound Portraits Productions. On The Media’s Brooke Gladstone reported for the special.


The Execution of Ivon Ray Stanley

On The Media re-broadcasts a one minute and forty-five second excerpt of the 1984 execution of Ivon Ray Stanley by the Georgia Department of Corrections. The execution was originally recorded by George State prison officials.


Reactions from Public Radio Listeners

On Wednesday, listeners shared their reactions to the public radio special: The Execution Tapes in a one-hour call in show hosted by Brian Lehrer, host of WNYC’s On The Line. Brian reports on the listener response.


Televising Executions: A Critical Roundup

With a topic as controversial as televising executions, everybody has an opinion. Brooke examines the views of academics, lawyers and media professionals on both sides of the issue.


Criticism of the Public Radio Special: The Execution Tapes

Brooke talks to Matthew Felling, the Media Director for the Center for Media and Public Affairs, a critic of the public radio special: The Execution Tapes.


ABC in Oklahoma

On May 16th Timothy McVeigh will be executed in a federal death chamber in Terre Haute, Indiana. While most members of the media scramble to find hotel rooms in the small Indiana town, ABC is sending its anchor, Charlie Gibson, to Oklahoma. Host Bob Garfield talks the head of ABC ...


Victims’ Rights and the Media

In recent years reporting crime has become a balance of getting the story and being sensitive to the needs of the victims and their survivors. Bob talks to William Cote, professor of journalism at Michigan State University and author of “Covering Violence: A Guide to Ethical Reporting about Victims and ...


Pitching a Tent in Terre Haute

As the media descend on Terre Haute, Indiana, the town prepares to greet them. Reporter Tom Rogers investigates the Terre Haute media makeover.


Execution Broadcasts Abroad

The decision to provide closed circuit viewing of Timothy McVeigh’s execution has prompted a national debate in the United States on the merits of televising executions. But in Guatemala and Thailand, executions have already been televised. Bob explores the reaction to and the rationale behind other nations’ decisions to televise ...


Death in the Media

Televising executions may be the issue of the day, but images of death in the media, once considered to grisly, are now commonplace. Brooke talks to Thomas Doherty, head of the Film Studies Program at Brandeis University, about the history of death, real and fictional, in film and television.


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