April 14, 2001

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Saturday, April 14, 2001


We look into the latest in reality TV…and the rise of the scary female game show host and Mr. Clippy…


Now that the demonstrably liberal FCC Chairman has been replaced by the decidedly conservative Michael Powell -- big media sees a chance to cast off some of the ownership restraints that have up till now held back the tide of conglomeration. Brooke talks with Bill McConnell of Broadcasting & Cable.


Media Corruption in Peru

This spring Peru is electing a president - again. But unlike last year, the election coverage has not been bought and paid for by the Peruvian government. Host Bob Garfield talks to freelance correspondent Lucien Chauvin in Lima about corruption and election coverage in Peru.



“Who blinked first?” asked CNN pundits as they pondered the significance of this week’s U.S.-China apology negotiations. The OTM Punditron asks what blinking has got to do with it.



Birdsong makes a nice backdrop for a tense golf tournament, but when CBS was caught overdubbing bird sounds in its golf broadcasts last year, bird watchers busted the network. Bob talks to Ken Hullinga of the American Birding Association about bird watching and golf TV.


Mr. Clippy

Mr. Clippy may be on his deathbed, but Microsoft is determined to milk him for all he’s worth. Microsoft is using consumer dislike of its now notorious software helper Mr. Clippy to promote a new and improved (and Clippy-free) product. Host Brooke Gladstone talked to Lisa Gurry of Microsoft about ...



Brooke and Bob respond to listener mail.


Weakest Link

The U.K.’s popular quiz show “The Weakest Link” is the latest game show import to reach U.S. shores, but this time the cold and intimidating British host is not being replaced by a warm and fuzzy American one. From London, Garreth Mitchell has the story.


Female Game Show

The host of “The Weakest Link,” Ann Robinson, is one of a growing number of game show hosts that humiliate their contestants, but she is one of the few hosts that is female. Bob talks to Slate.com’s Chris Suellentrop about TV gaming and the gender gap.


Word Watch

In the latest installment of On The Media’s ongoing series, On The Media’s John Solomon takes a look at the use and abuse of “exclusive.”


FCC on Decency

Broadcasters who are mindful of the FCC, know not to say the 7 dirty words. But beyond that rule lays an unregulated landscape of souble entendres and 4th grade slang, full of regulatory tripwires.The FCC lent a guiding hand to shock jocks and other broadcasters last week, when it presented ...


Porn and Comics Self-Regulation

While the Bush administration may signal a change in regulation for standards of decency, there are some industries that aren't waiting around to be told what not to do: they're self-policing. Brooke talks to a lawyer who represents companies in the adult entertainment world and the publisher of Archie Comics ...


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