April 7, 2001

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Saturday, April 07, 2001


Corporate anthems, Dan Rather's possible liberal bias and British electioneering..

Dan Rather: "Caught In A Texas Tornado"

CBS anchorman Dan Rather's first mistake was speaking at a fund-raiser for Texas Democrats last month. His second mistake was raising the ire of Bob Garfield. Hot on Rather's trail, Bob discusses the TV guy's lapse in judgment with Bob Steele, Director of the Ethics Program at the Poynter Institute.


British Electioneering

The recent foot-and-mouth epidemic in Britain has forced Prime Minister Tony Blair to push back the date of the upcoming general election. But even with an extra month of electioneering British politicians, with strict limitations on their use of the media, have a hard time getting the message out. Our ...



To err is human, to forgive is divine. On the Media grants absolution for some of the more noteworthy errors to be found on the nation's correction pages.


Brills/Inside Merger

Kurt Andersen once said "getting venture capital in the '90s is like getting laid in 1969." The last gasp of the swinging 90's saw the inception of Andersen's media venture, Inside.com and more recently, the paper version; Inside magazine. But now it seems, its time to put away the sandals ...


Labor Reporting

The Labor Department unemployment figures released this week reported that jobless claims have climbed 18,000 to 383,000: the highest level in nearly three years. The heaviest losses were felt in the metals and machinery industries and manufacturing - traditionally the workforce that formed the backbone of the country's strongest unions. ...


Freemasons Get PR

After over 300 years of secrecy and decades of bad press, the British fraternal organization is coming out of hiding and revamping their image. Brooke talks to the Freemasons’ new publicist Mike Dewar of MDA Communications about creating a modern look for an ancient fraternity.


Brooke and Bob

In the first of an ongoing catch-all series, Brooke and Bob discuss two controversial commercials, one involving the manipulation of MLK’s image and the other featuring frisky felines.


Gore and Letterman

This week OTM goes back to school with Professor Gore. The former Vice President has developed a reputation for bringing heavyweight guests like Rupert Murdoch and Alan Greenspan to his Columbia J-school classroom. This week Gore hosted a host, David Letterman.


Corporate Anthems

Corporate anthems, like national anthems, are created to instill pride and loyalty in listeners, but corporate anthems are geared towards company staff, not citizens, and the objects of pride are not nations, but soft drinks and spark plugs. On the Media’s Rex Doane reports.


OTM Anthem

Bob and Brooke lead the On The Media chorus in the inaugural recital of the OTM Anthem, written and composed by On The Media’s Mike Pesca.


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